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About Champion Road Skills

Champion Road Skills was established in 1997.

I am presently meeting at Brighton NC Machine on Whitmore Lake Rd. (Old 23) in Brighton about 1/2 mile south of Lee Rd. We will meet in the parking lot to the far SOUTH of the building. Enter at the South Entrance marked "Shipping/Receiving". Look for the ORANGE CONES!!

When you come to Champion Road Skills for a Road Test, I will try to make every applicant feel as comfortable as possible. I understand everyone is a little nervous when they arrive. I believe the less nervous you are the better you will do. I like to see everyone do well but have no problems letting someone know if they need just a little more practice in any area to be the best driver possible. After all this test is about being SAFE!!

Champion Road Skills
7300 Whitmore Lake Rd.
Brighton, MI 48116
Phone: 734-878-TEEN (8336)

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